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It's Not Candy!

When most of us think about gum, we think of a fun sugary treat or a way to freshen our breath.  Well, although Wicked Energy Gum has a great bold taste, it sometimes catches people by surprise!  Your see, Wicked Energy Gum is a super functional EXTRA STRENGTH energy product that really does its job! It is definitely not candy!

About Wicked Energy Gum

Wicked Energy Gum was developed as a convenient, fast-acting, alternative to energy drinks.   Every day we deal with the basic issues of life, and from time to time, we need that extra boost of energy to get us through the day or to help us stay focused.  Wicked Energy Gum provides a fast-acting, super easy to enjoy, boost of energy without having to carry around or fill up on a bottle of liquid.

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Wicked Energy Gum helps deliver a boost of energy whenever you may need it most!

Enjoy up to a 5x faster boost in energy, alertness and focus without having to fill up on liquids!  We have compressed the best energy boosting ingredients into each piece of Wicked Energy Gum so that you can get a fast-acting boost of energy whenever you need it! 

Try a Piece.

It only takes about (5-10) minutes to absorb our powerful blend of Caffeine & B-Vitamins

Get Energized!

Enjoy a functional chew to boost energy, alertness and focus without having to fill up on liquids!

Win the Day!

Tackle the day feeling alert, focused and energized!  Accomplish everything you set out to do!

Compare to Liquid Alternatives


Wicked Energy Gum is manufactured in the United States with a Patented Technology and is produced in a Kosher Certified (Star-K), Allergen-Free and quality-driven GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) manufacturing facility.  Wicked Energy Gum is manufactured in full compliance with FDA GMP regulations.


Helping our Hero's

With every packet of Wicked Energy Gum sold, we make a donation to the Cognitive Warriors foundation! The Mission of Cognitive Warriors is to improve access to quality healthcare for the men and women in the US military suffering from mental health conditions such as depression and PTSD.  Join us in helping Cognitive Warriors meet their goal of helping 1,000,000 military men and women to find solutions for their suffering! All it takes is buying a pack of gum!
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