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Best time to use?

Wicked Energy Gum was designed to be a quick and easy was to get a boost of energy and alertness whenever you need it most! 


It comes in a lightweight packet that you can take anywhere, so chew a piece whenever you need to be extra alert and attentive!


Get a fast-acting "pick me up" and stay Alert on those late night drives!


Stay Focused for your most  intense adventures and have the extra boost of Energy to keep going all day!

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Get a boost of Energy when you need it most!  Stay Focused and complete those important projects!


Fight off Jet Lag with a powerful boost of Energy without having to worry about carrying liquid through security!


Increase your Focus and Energy to be more competitive for the marathon eSports competitions!


Stay Focused when studying for your exams and have the extra Energy to work late into the evening if you need!

Sugar Free & Calorie Free Energy!

Staying energized is sometimes hard.  Get a quick boost of Energy to help you keep up with the kids!


Stay Energized, push through those hard work-outs  and reach your maximum potential!

Late Nights

Have the Energy to stay Alert and watch the entire feature for those Late Night races!


Need an Extra boost of Energy to get you day started?  Wicked Energy Gum is your solution!

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